11 May 2013

Back on the wagon day 5

Firstly wish I had come up with a better title for these mini posts, secondly sorry for no day 4 post my daughter was ill and taking care of her was my main priority. She seems to be over the worst of it now so that's good.
Yesterday went reasonably well I went slightly over calories but that was mainly because I didn't mange to get out for a walk. Today has been better and I managed a short walk just to our local supermarket for a few bits and so my daughter could get some air. Breakfast today was 6 digestive biscuits with a cup of tea lunch was a huge salad with 40g of cheddar cheese and evening meal was spring vegetable soup with 2 crusty rolls. Snack was 4 Borders shortie biscuits mainly because they were new. They were good but not great.
Tomorrow I plan on walking for a couple of hours the home to tackle the mountain of ironing I have. Not sure about meals yet but fruit and yogurt are for breakfast.
Hope your journey is going well and you are heading towards your goals.