16 Apr 2013

Weigh-in number 14

I am starting to get into a good routine on a Monday evening and even look forward to writing these post no matter the results. I get my daughter settled for the night, jump in the bath put a face and hair mask on relax for 20 minutes then get out, cover myself head to toe in body butter and curl up in bed to write the post. I usually have a good idea what I am going to write about the structuring is the part that stumps me I often move paragraphs for place to place.

I don't even know if anyone even reads them but that's not why I write them its for me to look back and see how far I have come and what I have achieved. If people read them and get anything from them then that is a bonus. Now onto this week!!!

This week has been a mixture of good and bad,  not all related to weight loss. My house move fell through on Saturday the other party no longer wish to move. This came after I had spent the week cleaning, packing and touching up paint. I made a conscious effort not to let this make me become unmotivated from losing weight. Even though all I wanted to do was sit down with a huge be of chocolate and wallow. I went and got my tablet and began contacting other potential swaps and am waiting to hear back hopefully it won't take to long.

With regards to eating it went well there were a few days where I had the odd slip up. I had a kebab one evening an a little more chocolate than I should have another night but no pigging out and the things I ate I choose to eat and was aware of why I was eating them. This week I need to stock up on little low calorie snack so that I don't feel the need to order in.

I did a decent amount of walking this week not as much as I did in the beginning of my journey but that was down to trying to getting house sorted.  My water intake this week was poor. I haven't even had any fruit tea in the past 2 weeks although I am hoping to find some green tea that has a fruit added as I have read this is beneficial to cleansing the system (I don't like green tea). It also counts towards your water intake.

Today's weigh-in I lost another 1lb which takes me to 20lbs gone which is fantastic. I need 2lb more to be at the half way mark and 4lbs to have lost 2 stone. This week I am going to knuckle down and loss the 2lb more if possible.

Don't get me wrong 1lb is amazing after all if that all you ever lost each week in 1 years time that's 56lb which is 4st. Granted we all want to lose it quicker than that but the slower the loss the better chance it will stay off.

Any way I am going to end this post her before I ramble on anymore and I will be back next week!!!!
Good luck on your journey however long it takes you to get there!!!