8 Apr 2013

Weigh-in number 13

13 Unlucky for some!!

This week I tried in parts and said "what the hell" I others. I did some walking and ate well some of the week and then the Easter eggs happened. that's them gone now and I don't normally buy chocolate so that will help with the coming week.

I also haven't moved house yet so feel a bit in limbo I got a lot of packing done in fact the only things still needing packed are the everyday things that we are using. I have some garden stuff that needs to be taken care of this week weather permitting.

I did terrible at tracking this week Tuesday was great (Tuesday is always great) and Wednesday was ok but I need to hold my motivation for Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday and Sunday I end up trying to play catch up by taking really long walks and eating just enough which is not the healthy way of doing this. I keep thinking when we move it will be easier but it wont other stuff will keep getting in the way if I let it so I need to do it now. Lets face it if I can lose weight while moving house that would be a fantastic achievement after all its supposed to be one of the most stressful things to do.

This week weigh-in was a bit of a surprise I actually lost the 1lb that I gained last week which is fantastic. 19lb down.

Here are some of my pictures from this week.

So here's to not letting LIFE get in the way of me losing weight!!