2 Apr 2013

Weigh-in number 12

So it finally happened!!!

No I don't mean that I got out of the obese category or that my BMI dropped under 30 I mean I gained back weight now it wasn't as bad as my Wii Fit decided to tell me for some reason my Wii measured that I had gained 7lb but in fact when I took the test again it was only 1lb. I am by no means happy with this but I have skated by the last few weeks. Going through the motions but not really committing.

This week I'm not making any long term goals or adventurous promises to you or me. I will track and stay under calories. I will walk 10000 step every day. This isn't hard the only thing stopping me is me and its time I stopped holding myself back since I know I can do this after all I am 18lbs lighter than I started the year.

The clocks changed here in the UK so hopefully the extra daylight and maybe even some nicer weather will help. Also I have boxes to pack and spring cleaning to be done we are hoping to move at the end of this month. Now to turn them into a calorie burning workout.

Hope your journey is going well and I will talk to you next week.