25 Mar 2013

Weigh-in number 11

This week I feel like I just wasn't with the program it just wasn't clicking like it has in the past. I honestly skated through this week pretending to go through the motions pretending to track.

I don't want to make excuses but I do feel the wonderful British weather has to take some of the blame. January you expect it to be cold and blah. then February came around and we had sunshine it was warm and bright. It felt right to get there and walk and munch on those salads, then March kicked in and so did the snow and the below freezing temperatures not ideal when the best way for you to exercise is to go walking.

I have bought some new clothes this week and some boots that will keep me warm in this wintry weather.

Now for this weeks weigh-in I honestly expected to gain and it would have been what I deserved but I actually lost 1lb. Now I know there is a chance that this bad week may catch me next week so I am going to do everything I can to prevent that happening. I will track every single calorie that passes my lips and I will get some form of exercise every day. I will eat under calorie or on budget.

I purchased the Claire Sweeney for weight watchers DVD this week as I remember doing it years ago and enjoying it. I decide to test it out yesterday and am feeling it in my thighs today. I will be aiming to do it a couple of time per week on top of my walking.

Till next week when I WILL get out of the obese BMI range!!!