19 Mar 2013

Weigh-in number 10

This post is late I dont know what happened I weighed in as normal came to bed and with in an hour was asleep. Cant remember the last time I was asleep for 8pm. Its now 5am and Im writing this.
This week was ok I was on track with my calories but the exercise could have been so much better. I let life get in the way alot this week and made excuses about the weather instead of finding other ways to exercise.
This week I plan on trying some new fruits and veg. The one that stands out at the moment is sweet potato but Im sure there will be others. I also have stairs in my home so since we have snow again I am going to use those either for step up or running up and down. I also havent used the wii for exercise in a while which will change this week too.
I also had a nsv (non scale victory) this week someone I used to work with stopped me and asked if I had lost weight which was fantastic because although I can see it and family member comment to have someone who doesnt know what your doing ask felt amazing. Its the little things that keep you motivated.
Now onto this weeks weigh-in I lost another 1lb which is good but I was hoping for more. I am currently classed as obese and needed a 3lb loss to be out of this catogory, but that will now be next weeks goal. I just need to focus properly on my calorie and exercise and I can do it!!
I am by no means disappointed in my progress as 18lb in 10 weeks is amazing but I feel that some weeks I havent lived up to my potential and have just gone through the motions but not this coming week.
I Hope your week is going well!!
Till next week. x