25 Feb 2013

Weigh-in number 7

Cant believe its been 7 weeks already!!

This week was hit and miss, I exercised by walking as I have done in the past weeks but this week I found myself dipping into those burned calories to justify bad eating choices.

Also this week was the first date night my partner and I had had in a long time we went to Mc Donalds before the cinema which probably wasn't the best choice (I didn't chose the best meal). I also ended up back at Mc Donalds on Friday with the kids before doing our monthly shop. (same bad meal choice) Although I made good food choices in the supermarket.

Everyday my app says that I have came in under calories but I feel I can do so much better so this week I am dropping my calories to 1600 and will be saving every single calorie I burn.

I also achieved a non scale victory which will probably seem silly and strange to some people but for the longest time I have been unable to wear ballet flats as my feet were just too wide but this week I put on a pair to test then did a happy dance around my room.

Now for this weeks weigh-in I lost another 2lbs this takes me to 12lb. I am planning to make sure that next week I can say I have lost 1 STONE!! I still have a way to go but this would be an important marker in my journey.

Now to figure out a non food treat to mark getting there. Hmmm!!!