11 Feb 2013

Weigh-in number 5

So here we are 5 weeks in.

This week has been amazing I made a few weight loss purchases. I invested in a Wii and a balance board. I also picked up a couple of fitness games. I have been impressed by the Wii I had always thought of it more as a family get together tool but it also seems a good weight loss tool. My main calorie burn will still come from my walking but its an added bonus.

My walking was on fire this week. Ryan was off school on Friday so I packed up lunch and took the kids out for a 4 hour walk it was a really good day out the weather was better than expected. I also get a fantastic calorie burn of 1202. Going to try and fit in more longer walks each week. 

Eating was also fantastic everyday under calorie. Which I always aim to do. I do allow myself a few treats but I'm trying to include more fruit into my diet and also encourage the children to ask for fruit before sugar.

So now on to the weight I am pleased to say the scales reflected my hard work and I lost 3lb which takes me to 9lb which surpasses my goal for my birthday to lose 7lb.

Next target is to lose 7lb by the end of March which is 6 weeks away (25th March). If I keep up the effort and hard work then it is more than achievable.

I want this top to fit comfortably by that date too.

Plans for this coming week are improve water intake and get a couple of Jillian Michael's Wii fitness DVD, she'll probably whip my ass and serve it to me on a plate but you or to put the work in to get the results out!!