4 Feb 2013

Weigh-in number 4

So this week I decided the app I was using wasn't what I needed so I have downloaded My Fitness Pal  (Butterflylilys78) and using it in conjunction with  Edomondo with the step counting add on.

Walking this week has been amazing with most days getting over the 10000 point and even up to the 20000 mark. I have just been strapping my daughter into her pram wrapping us up and heading out. We have been into town twice walking there and back and to the beach also walking there and back.

Eating is also been fantastic this week because the apps database is so much more extensive so I can scan the items and get the exact details which saves so much time. With regards to food I was shocked to see the calorie difference between two products from different stores I bought an egg and cress sandwich and one was under 300 cal's and the other was over 400. There was now taste difference neither were a healthy option so I will be checking more carefully before I eat a product especially a pre-packed item.

My water drinking has improved my logging is letting me down though. I now fill my water bottle in the morning and carry it about with me and fill it up as needed.

Now for the weight-in I was surprised to see I had lost 2lb. Not that I didn't work for it I just didn't realise till I updated the app and I had to go back and double check. That's 6lb gone which is fantastic.

This week I will be using a wii and wii fit. This will be more for days when the lovely Scottish weather prevents me from walking. Also I will be making more effort to track my water.