21 Jan 2013

Weigh-in number 2

This week I decided I needed something visual to help keep me on track. So I decided to recycle a Yankee Candle jar. I wrote lbs on the front and tied a ribbon around. Every lb I lose I shall put a bead into the jar.

As you can see from the picture I have now lost 3lbs which is a loss of 1lb this week. I was slightly disappointed as I thought I had done better but on looking back at the app (calorie  counter) I haven't been eating all my calories which I need to do from this week.

Exercise has also suffered due to the weather if it was just me then I would go out but Alessa cant go out in heavy snow everyday. So what I am going to do is when Richard is home during the week go for my walk then if I haven't already been.

Also for the coming week I want to do about 15000 steps each day and I think I'm going to get a battery for my weight watchers pedometer as carrying my phone every time I move isn't practical.

Hoping for an even better week next week!!!