31 Dec 2012

Hogmanay 2012!!!

Its that time of year again when I look back on the previous year and ask did I accomplish what I set out to do. This year I have to say no!!
Almost as soon as the year started I began having health problems and it took almost 4 months to figure it out and another month to start medication. I suffer from a form of arthritis called Psoriatic which is caused by a weakened immune system. Left untreated it can cause loss of bone or deformation of the joints.
I have been taking Methotrexate for about 4 months now and I have to say the difference in my joints and movements is amazing. I can now walk long distances without pain I still have slight issues with bending but they may get better as time goes on. 
The only issue I have with the drug is that while taking you can NOT become pregnant. We hadnt decided that we were done with children but this kind of made the decision for us without going into too much detail it would take too long to become pregnant and the pain would become too much.
Any way this brings me to the new year what would I like to get done. Well I really need to lose some weight well alot of weight really as this is also causing problems for my joints.
I would like to move house so that we can have our bedroom back and my daughter can have a space to call her own.
I would like to leave this house more I feel that I am becoming a bit of a recluse this would also help with weight as I would be out walking more. Even if its just for a couple of hours each day.
I would also like to post on here at least once a week with an update on how things are going.
Now is the time to start putting this into action. No more putting it off till the next year.
Here's to 2013!!